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We offer a range of products and services for your Inspection and measurement needs. 


Have a Vision project but not sure on the right implementation?
Need help picking the right vision sensor or motion stages?
Not sure what software to use to analyse the acquired data?

We can tailor make a consultancy package that best suits your project. Whether it's a one hour session or something more longer term we can help


If you have a challenging Inspection or Measurement project, we normally recommend doing some sort of proof of concept. What you are trying to do at this stage is remove risk, while better understanding what the final solution might look like. We can help you build a prototype and we have the software to quickly help analyse the data so you can make an informed decision early on in the project

Bespoke Inspection Solutions

Need a bespoke Inspection solution that you can't find off-the-shelf. Look no further. We have over 40 years experience designing and implementing Inspection Systems

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Measurement Solutions

Need a Measurement System that is able to measure your parts down to sub micron level. Perhaps you need to better understand the topography of a part. Whatever your measurement needs are we can help

In House 3D Scanning

We have the ability in house to take your part and perform a sub micron 3D scan. We can then take this scan and perform an in-depth analysis and export to a report that you can share with your team.

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3D Machine Vison represents the next evolution in Inspection & Measurement. While 2D cameras capture x & y data ,3D sensors alos capture a z height with every xy point. This allows us to collect feature rich reliable data. 


2D Machine Vision still accounts for the vast majority of use cases for Inspection & Measurement.


Measure any surface with sub micron accuracy – even transparent surface. Need to get the depth of a transparent surface – no problem. Have a really reflective part. Again no problem


By using two light beams (usually by splitting one beam into two), an interference pattern can be formed when these two beams superpose. Because the wavelength of the visible light is very short, small changes in the differences in the optical paths (distance travelled) between the two beams can be detected (as these differences will produce noticeable changes in the interference pattern).

Structured light

Structured light area scanners do not require motion to capture a 3D scan of your part. Typical measurement are range from 50mmsq to over 1sqm

Barcode scanning

Barcodes are everywhere and odds are you you have to integrate them into your final solutions. 

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With over 40 years experience in 2D and 3D inspection and measurement we are well positioned to help you on your next Vision project


Our mission is to deliver cutting edge inspection and measurement systems, that can scale and adapt to your business ever change needs


Our vision is to develop a modular software and hardware Vision platform that allows bespoke systems to be built and deployed faster, and are easy to use and support

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